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New International Shipping Standards

The Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program for Export

Program updates and industry notices

On September 4, 2001, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) launched an export program, the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program, to certify Canadian wood packaging producers and Canadian wood packaging treatment facilities to meet ISPM N° 15 requirements.

Approved producers and treatment facilities will mark their products with an approved wood packaging certification stamp.

The CFIA approved "wood packaging certification stamp" can only be applied by an approved wood packaging facility and is intended for use on certified wood packaging only.

Policies and Manuals

CWPCP Facilities

Canadian Lumber Exported to the US for the Construction of US Wood Packaging.

All Canadian lumber, either in bundles or custom cut (pre-cut) packages, exported to the US to be used in a facility that produces wood packaging for EU export must meet the specifications of the non-manufactured wood packaging enforcement regulations of the American Lumber Standards Committee.

According to the American Lumber Standards Committee program, all Canadian or US lumber, except as noted below, entering a US wood packaging facility must be labeled HT or KD-HT under the supervision of any agency accredited by the Board of Review. Each board of the bundle must be stamped to identify the Grading Agency, the Facility Number and the treatment (HT or KD-HT).

However, when pieces are marked HT or KD-HT only, with no reference to grade, and the size of individual pieces is a) 30 inches or less in length or; b) ½ inch nominal or less in thickness or; c) 2 inches nominal or less in width, the HT or KD-HT mark shall be applied by stamping not less than 25% of the pieces of a bundle. Units that are partially marked shall also be stenciled with the same information as indicated by the agency HT or KD-HT stamp.

Fumigation with Methyl Bromide

Canada is a signatory to the Montreal Protocol. The CFIA encourages using alternatives to ozone depleting chemicals. The CFIA will not be establishing a certification system for the export of wood packaging treated with methyl bromide as prescribed in the current version of D-01-05. This policy is under review presently.

However, the CFIA recognizes that the use of methyl bromide may be the only option for the certification of certain exports. Where this is the case, the exporter should contact the local office of the CFIA to determine the appropriate measures by which certification can be carried out.

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